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16.2.14 File duplicate finder for Windows

Daniel Gardner

Software tool that scans and identifies duplicate files in your PC, saving storage space and improving organization.

Freeware duplicate finding software download, reviewed by Daniel Gardner
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Dup Scout screenshot
Dup Scout screenshot

Fast and effective duplicate file utility which can find and remove duplicated files, thereby reducing disk space usage.

Imagine a treasure hunt on your computer, where instead of gold, you're mining duplicate files to reclaim precious digital real estate. Meet Dup Scout, a veritable juggernaut in the world of file management, a software that diligently sifts through your machine's nooks and crannies, discovering twins and clones that are nothing but unnecessary digital debris.

Easily configure this duplicate file finding application

Before the quest begins, Dup Scout offers a configuration dialog, the starting point of your journey. Here, you're handed the reins to guide the software in its search. It could be system files, directory links, junctions, or even user names. You define the boundaries of this digital exploration.

Sporting a user-friendly interface to get around in

Now, step into Dup Scout's command center, a sleek user interface split into multiple panels. Create unique profiles for different searches, each with its own target location. It could be a specific directory, a network share, all hard drives, or even servers and NAS devices. If you're feeling ambitious, you can even make Dup Scout scour all servers on the network.

As Dup Scout delves into the labyrinth of files, you can monitor its progress live. Watch as it unveils duplicate files, calculates wasted space, and measures performance. Errors, if any, are displayed instantly, ensuring transparency in the process.

The treasures, or rather, duplicate files found, are displayed with their file path, default action, total duplicates, size, and wasted space. This information is meticulously arranged based on wasted space. The lower panel unveils the specifics of each duplicate set. Want them categorized by extension, file size, or creation date? Dup Scout has you covered.

Delete duplicates or replace them with symbolic links (shortcuts)

But the journey doesn't end at discovery. Now comes the decision-making. You can opt to replace the duplicates with shortcuts, move them to a specific directory, compress them, or go all out and delete all duplicates. The power is in your hands.

Dup Scout's versatility shines through further with its ability to create an exclusion list. Say you want to exclude files by location, extension, or name, Dup Scout has your back. You can view a pie and bar chart of the duplicate files, generate a comprehensive report in various formats, or choose to keep either the newest or oldest files as duplicates.

Comes with backup and restore features

The software also packs in a backup and restore service, a customizable layout, and a plethora of program settings. Integrate a Windows shell extension, detect recursive directories, customize HTML report headers and footers, enable notification sounds, configure keyboard shortcuts, change proxy settings, and more. It's an ocean of possibilities.

Performance-wise, Dup Scout is a thoroughbred. Consuming a minimal to moderate amount of system resources, it zips through the scanning job while ensuring a smooth user experience.

Enhance the features with paid versions

Dup Scout's offerings are available in several versions – Free, Pro, Server, and Ultimate. Each comes with its own set of capabilities. The Free version, for instance, supports a smaller maximum storage capacity and number of files. It also lacks the ability to process specific file types or analyze duplicate files per host, among other things.

To sum it up

In conclusion, Dup Scout offers an impressive suite of features for identifying and eliminating duplicate files. Its intuitive interface ensures a seamless user experience, allowing you to master the software in no time. With Dup Scout, your computer's digital spring cleaning just got a lot easier.

Features of Dup Scout

  • Batch processing: Delete, copy and move multiple files.
  • Command line: Run scans from the command line.
  • Disk space: Optimize disk space and free up storage.
  • Duplicate files: Find and delete duplicate files.
  • Export results: Export search results as HTML, CSV and PDF.
  • File comparison: Compare file contents side-by-side.
  • File management: Move, copy, rename, delete and archive files.
  • File preview: Preview files in their native format.
  • File properties: View detailed file properties.
  • Filters: Apply filters to refine search results.
  • Flexible search: Search using name, size, date, attributes and content.
  • Network scanning: Scan local and network drives.
  • Report generator: Generate detailed reports and statistics.
  • Scheduling: Schedule automatic scans.
  • Search criteria: Create custom search criteria.

Compatibility and License

Dup Scout is a restricted version of commercial software, often called freemium which requires you to pay a license fee to unlock additional features which are not accessible with the free version. Download and installation of this software is free, however other similar programs are available from file organizer software which may have what you need. 16.2.14 is the latest version last time we checked.

What version of Windows can Dup Scout run on?

Dup Scout can be used on a computer running Windows 11 or Windows 10. Previous versions of the OS shouldn't be a problem with Windows 8 and Windows 7 having been tested. It comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit downloads.

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